The U.S. Coast Guard Sets Port Condition X-Ray for the Ports of:
  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Canaveral
  • Key West
    (X-Ray: Gale force winds are expected within 48 hours. Port remains open to all commercial traffic, but oceangoing ships and barges must report their intention to remain in port or depart. If they are departing, they must do so within 12 hours of gale-force winds.)
The U.S. Coast Guard Sets Port Condition Whiskey for the Ports of:
  • Savannah
  • Brunswick
    (Whiskey: Set when gale force winds are expected to arrive at the port within 72 hours.  The rules are similar to port condition X-Ray.)
Currently, no ports are set at Yankee or Zulu.
Yankee: Gale force winds predicted within 24 hours. Vessels seeking to depart must arrange immediate departure. Cargo operations must cease with 18 kilometers per hour (kph) winds. Transfer hoses must be disconnected with 22 kph winds. Ships seeking to arrive in port should seek an alternate destination.
Zulu: Gale force winds within 12 hours. The port is closed.

( by Emma Cosgrove)