It is s a good idea to pack a separate “Hot Box” of essential items you’ll need immediately upon arrival in your new home. Crown packers or your customer service coordinator can supply you with specially marked Hot Box cartons or self adhesive Hot Box labels. If you’re packing yourself, simply request a Hot Box label from your Crown coordinator. You may wish to include the following:

KITCHEN: Cleaning supplies, hand soap and paper towels, paper plates, cups, napkins can & bottle opener, plastic cutlery, plastic wrap, zip-lock bags, aluminum foil, trash bags, ready-to-eat foods.

BATH: Toiletries, towels, facial and toilet tissue, medicines, first-aid kit.

BEDROOMS: Bed linens, pillows, change of clothing, children’s books and toys.

OTHER ROOMS: Hardware to assemble furniture, remote controls, light bulbs, portable radio or television, hand tools, reading material, flashlight.