The Positive Approach

Prepare them in advance for the move. Tell them immediately about the move. Give them time to adjust to the idea. Answer all questions. Explain the reasons for the move as explicitly as necessary, depending on the child’s age. An honest question-and-answer session will give you an idea of the specific concerns your children have about the move. This will give you the chance to resolve their fears and let them know you are interested in their opinions and feelings.

Permit children to participate. This will give them a sense of responsibility and self-worth. Choose a professional moving company. A company experienced in moving families will minimize your responsibilities. Then, you can devote more time to your children.

With these steps, you can ease the insecure feelings some children experience when removed from familiar surroundings. It is difficult to break strong ties to the old home, neighborhood, school and close friends. But remember, moving can be a great personal growth opportunity for all family members, including children. Take advantage of the situation and make it a truly exciting experience for everyone.

Take-along Suggestions

Here’s a checklist of things to take in the car with you:


  •     Suitable clothing
  •     Diaper or utility bag
  •     Blankets
  •     Disposable diapers
  •     Nursers with plastic throwaway liners, nipples and pacifiers
  •     Baby food, formula, fruit juice, water and a cap opener
  •     Favorite cuddle toy
  •     Baby toiletries such as powder, lotion, oil and cotton balls
  •     Safety-approved infant car seat
  • First-aid kit (Discuss with your pediatrician any medications you should have on hand. Include a thermometer, baby pain reliever and a small hot water bottle, which also can be used as an ice bag.)


  •     Collapsible stroller
  •     Child’s portable car toilet
  •     Safety-approved car seat
  •     Favorite small toy

Get the “Moving with Children” Booklet
We recognize the particular needs and emotional reactions of children and have a booklet to help make moving with children easier and enjoyable for the entire family. For a copy of “Moving with Children,” Contact us.